St. Konrad was graced with two important visitors from Crossing Borders, an Non-Governmental Organisation sponsored mainly by OMICRON from Austria. The two visitors came to look at St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School which had been supported by their Organisation in the Construction of the Workshops.

The visitors spent two days in School from 27 to 28 February 2020. We want to thank Omicron and Education Crossing Borders for having accepted us as their development partners.

We thank them particularly for having found time to visit the school and to learn it in detail.






St.konrad School Board of Governors 2020-2023

On January 19, 2020 St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School installed a new Board of Governors. The Board of Governors is the one responsible for the  running of the School and is answerable to the Ministry of Education. The Tenure for each Board is Four Years. Mr. Joseph Baryamujura was elected the Chairperson of the Board. Great thanks to the Outgoing Board Members for the wonderful work done to keep the school management running well. We welcome the New Board of Governors and wish them good governance of our School.





St.Konrad Integrated Vocational School finished 2019 with a smile as its Carpentry Workshop was installed with both Electricity and tools.

Students both of Junior and Craft in the Carpentry Department are now able to learn their skills  with the aid of good tools.

A great thanks to Mr. Josef Kettl who sponsored the tools and the Association St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School Uganda Bebaase for the transportation.

Carpentry is a very important skill in the world of construction and furnishing. Those who learn this skill have ready occupations either to employ themselves or to work in established companies.

St. Konrad is able to offer young men and women the chance to acquire carpentry skills for the development of our society and countries.






Visit of Otto u. Ernst

Mr. Otto Hirsch and Mr. Ernst Mayr all Friends from Austria


In the month of November 2019, St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School/Institute was graced by the short visit of two friends from Austria: Mr. Otto Hirsch  from Hirsch Beteiligungs GmbH  and Mr. Ernst Mayr from Fussl Modestraße Mayr GmbH . These Friends who are in the business World had come to get first hand information about this education Project. We are very grateful to them and we hope for further cooperation.



Health in Mind and Body

                                        Football Pitch

St. Konrad School and Institute does not only train young people with intellectual knowledge and skills for work but also endows them with sporting activities to develop bodily and socially and acquire those values necessary in the world of work. The School is developing a wonderful Football Pitch for boys and plans to develop another for girls. It has also acquired one Table for Table Tennis and plans to purchase more. It has plans also develop Basketball and Tennis Courts. The stake Holders are invited to participate in this noble work, given that the Ministry of Education and Sports is now emphasizing physical Education and has made it compulsory in the curriculum.





Source of Water

             Water from Water Well to the School

Water Supply to St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School/Institute was a big problem since the institute’s inception in 2008. A bigger project to run by solar had been designed to supply water both to the school and the neighbouring villages. Unfortunately, no money could be found to realise this dream. The School installed some water tanks to harvest rain water but this was not always enough given the increase in enrolment and the dry season stretching from June to August. Students had to fetch water to natural wells a distant off.

The green light to a solution at least for the School came with the extending of Rural Electrification Project right to the School in 2018-2019. Early 2019 this power supply line war commissioned and power could be utilised not only in School but also for other uses. With support from Friends, a water well was constructed opposite the school and water from this well is now pumped to school.  The only challenge is that electricity is unstable and therefore can not assure constant supply of water. There is need to have a standby small generator at the well. But the School community is very grateful to the Government of Uganda for the Power Supply and to all the benefactors who sponsored the well project.


Full Registration as a Vocational Institute

                      Registered as an Integrated Vocational Institute



St.Konrad Integrated Vocational School is an integrated School comprising of Technical/Vocational Training and Secondary school Training. The Technical/Vocational Training has run for several years on a Licence TVET 121. In March 2019, St. Konrad was fully registered with particulars MOES/BTVET/230  and raised to the level of Vocational Institute to fully run seven courses. These include Building and Concrete Practice, Tailoring and Garment Cutting, Welding and Metal Fabrication, Plumbing, Electricity Installation, and Agriculture.

This registration came about after certifying the Ministry of Education Basic Requirements which include Staffing, Infrastructure, tools and Enrolment.

Now our School and Institute is formally constituted to train young people after Primary Seven in Secondary School and Junior Technical School Training and to enrol Ordinary and HSC Leavers in Craft Certificate Training.

We are grateful to all stake holders for having achieved this goal. So St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School is also a Vocation Institute.