Foundation Works after 30 Days

Today the 21st of July, I have the pleasure of adding more photos. The Work on the Foundation has proved to be very expensive given the uneven landscape. Walls of about 2 meters high have already been built before reaching the dumpproof level. More than 33,000 bricks have beeen so far used, more than 300 bags of cement. Since the work on building the foundation began, more than 30 days have now passed.  Thanks to all workers and all our benefactors.

Covering Foundation walls

High Foundaton Walls visible


Building up to the Foundation

The Examination Block  being built now to the Dump Proof Level

The Students of St. Konrad Integrated Vocational College, also are participating in the transporting of materials on the site to ease the costs of the work.

Foundation work in Progress

Setting up Pillars for Examination Block

The construction work advances well. Already the Pillars are being set and soon the foundation shall be built to Dumpproof level.