Examination Block : New Developments

The construction work on the examination block continues as scheduled. The walling is progressing well, thanks to all the workers.  Below are a few recent photos.

Hall 1 to wallplate

Hall 1


Flohmarkt Gruppe

Heute am 16.08.2010 ist die Flohmarktgruppe bei Familie Ingrid und Josef Niedermayr sich gesammelt und hat Fr. Dr. Pastor Mpora Ihr ein Dankeswort geben. Mit der Arbeit und Bemuehungen dieser Gruppe wird St. Konrad noch einen Schritt vorwarts mit dem Bau eines Pruefungsblocks machen.

Pastor Mpora, Hannelore Mayr, Traudi Decker, Ilse Gehmayr, Ingrid Hintersteininger, Ingrid Holl, Ingrid Niedermayr, Maria Fageth, Roswitha Mayr und Pauline Sametinger

Walling begins for the Examination block

The Developments of the Examination block construction  continually nourish the benefactors with impressive pictures showing real work done for the help given. We thank all workers on the site and the administration for the efforts being given for this success.

Upper section

Right section

Middle section

Left section

Middle 2

Foundation works after 40 days

The work continues to go a head as planned. The foundation walls are complete. The photos that follow show already that work on the floor has began. Thanks to all who are working assiduously on this project.


Levelling the floor

Floor ringed with ringbeam

Stone layout

Floor being well done

Flooring tasks

Once the Flooring is done. The next step will be to erect pillars. The whole structure is designed to be supported mainly by pillars.