Examblock – Slab preparation

Slab level from East side

The construction of the Examination Block has reached the stage of making the first slab which will also be the foundation of the ground floor. This work involves a lot of timber work and later the use of Cement, Ironbars and Maxpans. This work is estimated to last for two full months. Once the slab is made, it has to be left to set for at least 60 days. We hope that by February 2010, the first rooms will have been completed, if we get sufficient funds for all that is required.

Slabmaking level from the West side


Visit from Mr. Josua Burkart, Horizont3000 E. African Director

On the 1st of October, St. KOnrad Integrated Vocational College had the blessing of hosting Mr. Josua Burkart, the East African Regional Director of Horizont3000. He arrived at School at 14:00 Hours local time and was enthusiastically entertained by the school community. His visit followed from the Director’s visit to Horizont3000 Headoffice in Wien on Sept 2, 2010 where he, Mr. Wilhelm Tutschek and Miss Eva Kreil from the St. Konrad College Bebaase Verein met Mrs. Gabriela Grosinger, concerned with Projects and Programmes of Horizont3000 in Africa. The purpose of the visit was to find out ways of partnership with this Organisation for the benefit of St. Konrad College. The Visit of Mr. Burkart was a fact finding mission. Mr. Burkart was impressed by the project and hopefully ways will be found out to access the support of Horizont3000 in St. Konrad Integrated Vocational College.

Horizont3000 meets St. Konrad Integrated Vocational College Community

Mr. Burkart was also introduced to the three community based Organisations, namely Namuda for men, Nawepe for women and Nayefode for men. These organisations are also the Director’s attempt to bring about rural development in the area. The members of these organisations were indeed very glad for the visit and welcomed him among others with Kikiga dance followed by gifts.

Welcome Kikiga Dance


Mr. Burkart receives a gift from the Chairperson of Nuwepe

Mr. Burkart receives a small bucket of honey from Namuda