We have reached on Ringbeam-level


Basement cleared

Dear Readers, I am proudly presenting to you the latest on the construction of the Examinationblock at St. Konrad College. Since May, the workers have tediously and expeditiously done a lot, not only in the construction of the walls on the first floor, but also of removing boards from the basement. The basement ceiling is almost complete. The latest work concerns filling in the columns. After this, the ceiling work, maily woodwork, for the first floor will commence. Thanks once again, our dear benefactors for the substantial support for our school.

Fr. Dr. Pastor Mpora


Advanced construction of the first storey

Examination block construction in progress

Commendable work is in progress as the first storey takes shape. The brick work is over. What is remaining is preparing to construct the bed for the slab. Thanks to all who are funding this project.

Fr. Pastor Mpora