St. Konrad College, Kabale, Uganda

Dear readers,

St. Konrad Integrated Vocational College has developed steadily, thanks to the many people who have regularly supported the noble cause of providing appropriate education to young people from rural areas of Kabale in South West Uganda. From the presentation whose link appears below, one will appreciate what has so far happened and perhaps be encouraged to offer further support.

St. Konrad College in its Development stages – August 2011

Thanks for visiting us .

Fr. Dr. Pastor Mpora



Preparing for the slab on the first floor

Work has began on the construction of the Slab on the First floor. This requires a lot of timber, which has become scarce in our region. Timber work is estimated to last till middle September.

Thanks to all workers and Benefactors for the good work being done.

Fr. Dr. Pastor Mpora, Director.

Work on First Floor