St.Konrad celebrates 10 Years Jubilee

St.Konrad Integrated Vocational School was officially opened by his Lordship Bishop Callist Rubaramira, the Bishop of Kabale Diocese, on 11th February 2008. Ten years later, the School celebrated with great joy its own existence. To grace the occasion was Bishop Francis Aquilinus Kibira, the Ordinary of Kasese Diocese, Fr. Kurt Pittertschatscher, the founding sponsor of the School, Fr. Lucian Arinaitwe, the Kabale Diocesan Secretary, Fr. Balthazar Ndyomugabe, the Parish Priest of Rushoroza Parish, Fr. Felix Bunimba – the Parish Priest of Buhara Parish, the representatives of Parents from Kasese, Mbarara, Rukungiri, and many other districts from where students come, and many other dignitaries. Present were also the Community members around the areas of Buhara Subcounty in which the School is situated.
The ceremony started at 10:00 a.m with Holy Mass and was followed by entertainment and Lunch.
The Preaching by Bishop Kibira was an invitation to all parents and Ugandans in general to appreciate Vocational Training in Schools as a way of building up strong families. All speakers invited the parents to support St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School by sending more children for training.
The Director in his speech thanked the Bishop of Kabale for his unfailing support to the school. He further thanked the benefactors who have made it possible for the school to exist. He thanked the parents for choosing the school and for the sacrifices they make to support their children with school needs. With the Motto: Skills are Food, the Director invited all Ugandans to embrace the strategy of skilling Ugandans as the main way of overcoming poverty and of steering Uganda to higher horizons of development.
St. Konrad in 10 years has been able to produce constructors, plumbers, electricians, agriculturalists, tailors, Metal workers, and carpenters. There were more than 30 Old Girls and Boys in attendance, some of which have 2018 qualified on Diploma Level in various trades.
Ugandan Youth would not be suffering from unemployment if many schools adopted the training model in St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School, where the Learners combine secondary School training with Vocational Training.
The School aims to ensure that Ugandans, especially the poor in rural areas shall be able to lead a better life due to improved incomes and accessibility to many services because of the empowerment derived from the School.



St. Konrad Integrated Vocational school, was among the schools which participated in the Kigezi Tour speared by Radio Rubanda. The tour consisted in the Branding and Marketing of the Schools and companies involved.
We are grateful to all students and Staff who participated actively in this activity to make St. Konrad visible in the Region.



The Patron’s Feast Day of St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School, ist dedicated to St.Konrad, a capuchin Brother from Parzham. The celebration occurs on 21. April every year. This year’s celebration was graced by Fr. Austen Christmas, the Assistant Priest of Buhara Parish, and the Kabale District Education Officer.
St. Konrad is the Patron whose life reflects the spirit of the School, to give to the hungry the nourishment they need. The School does that by offering to train the youth in skills so that they can feed themselves and their families.

Parents, Students, Teachers, government official, Religious leaders

Construction of Permanent Workshops

The Construction of Permanent Workshops for St. Konrad Integrated Vocational Schools has resumed for the first Phase which consists in erecting of three workshops. The Work shall consists of erecting columns and making of the Slab, given the limited funds. St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School is grateful to all people and organisations who are making this work possible.

Erecting Columns

Erecting Columns



A Storm hits St. Konrad School

On the 18th of September, it was Sunday Evening. A heavy and windy rain fell, the first of the rains. It became a real storm which unroofed the Workshop for Construction. No other structure was affected. A lot of work followed the next week to ensure that a new temporary structure was set up. Thanks to all people who helped to reroof the workshop.

A part of the roof seen on the ground, another flew off

A part of the roof seen on the ground, another flew off

The Contribution of the Youth from Ottnang

On the 28th August 2016, the Youth of Ottnang met the Director of St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School and handed him a cheque of Euro 750 towards the construction efforts of the School. The Youth from the Ottnang Zone had raised this amount through Football Tornaments. The Director heartily thanked all the Youth who participated to raise this donation. This was not the first time that the Youth of Ottnang contributed to the efforts of the construction of St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School. The handover ceremony took place at the Family of Niedermeier in Ottnang. Thanks to you all  the Youth and Friends for the love of our School.

Donation from Football Tornament

Donation from Football Tornament

Friends of St. Konrad at the Family of Ingrid and Josef Niedermeir

Director with Friends from Ottnang

Visit to Nobert Neidlinger’s Plastic Factory

On Tuesday 19th July, the Director received an invitation to visit the Neidlinger Kunststoffe Factory. This Factory specializes in making plastic parts required to fix many objects used in building, household utensils, some machines, and makes also plastic utensils as well.

Mr. Nobert Neidlinger’s Factory is a great supporter of St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School.

The Director offered in person the gratitude of the school for all the support that has been rendered so far.