St. Konrad Community was graced to celebrate with the Director, Fr. Pastor Mpora together with the visitors, especially from Austria, Katigondo National Major Seminary, Kabale Diocesan Clergy and many other visitors from Uganda, his 25th Anniversary Priestly Ordination. In the colourful ceremony graced by the Vicar General of Kabale Diocese, Msgr. Silverio Twinomugisha, the beauty of priestly vocation was clearly seen in what Priestly life can accomplish in those God chooses to call. Many thanks to all those who attended and continue praying for the increase in fruitful priestly vocations.

Lord make us instruments to serve you in Love and Truth




St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School was in February honoured to host four members from Austria: Fr. Kurt Pittertschatscher, Mr. William Pohn, Mrs. Maria Pohn and Mrs. Gabriele Weidinger. The Came to see the progress of the School and were happy with the developments. The visit happened as the Director was celebrating the Silver Jubilee of his priestly ordination. It was a colourful ceremony. St. Community of St. Konrad is very grateful for the visit and invites other friends to come and visit it.


Construction of Boys’ Hostel 2016-2017

St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School is growing in terms of enrollment especially for those learners who stay in the School. The School has two hostels, one for girls and another for boys. The increase in the numbers of learners who stay in the School now requires that more hostels be built to answer this need. We are thankful to the Foerderverein – St. Konrad School- Bebaase Uganda e.V in Muenchen for sponsoring the construction of a new hostel for the boys. Work started in September and is still in progress.

Give accommodation for better skills


The school equally needs to expand room for girls. We shall be grateful to sponsors who will help us to construct a girl’s hostel as well.

Fr. Dr. Pastor Mpora

Workshop Construction on Progress

Dear Readers, I am happy to share with you about our progress concerned the Workshops. Given limited funds, we decided to start with three workshops doing only the foundation, the basement floor, the pillars and the slab. At the End of December, this work was completed. We are very indebted to the Barmherzigen Schwestern, Vienna and the St. Familia Bruchkoebel for most of the funding for this section. We pray the Almighty God to send us more giving hands, so that we can do the rest of the two remaining rooms from the foundation level.
Skills are Food.
Fr. Dr. Pastor Mpora, Director

Completing the middle workshop

The Contribution of the Youth from Ottnang

On the 28th August 2016, the Youth of Ottnang met the Director of St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School and handed him a cheque of Euro 750 towards the construction efforts of the School. The Youth from the Ottnang Zone had raised this amount through Football Tornaments. The Director heartily thanked all the Youth who participated to raise this donation. This was not the first time that the Youth of Ottnang contributed to the efforts of the construction of St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School. The handover ceremony took place at the Family of Niedermeier in Ottnang. Thanks to you all  the Youth and Friends for the love of our School.

Donation from Football Tornament

Donation from Football Tornament

Friends of St. Konrad at the Family of Ingrid and Josef Niedermeir

Director with Friends from Ottnang

Förderverein St. Konrad School/Uganda-Bebaase e.V in Munich

On 2nd August, the Director travelled to Munich to meet the Members of the Förderverein St. Konrad  School /Uganda-Bebaase e.V. The day began with Holy Mass led by Fr. Johannes Oberbauer in St. Sebastian Parish. At the end of the Holy Mass, the Director and the Chairperson of the Verein were given the chance to talk to the Parishioners. In the same way, the Director assisted in the Holy Mass in Maria von guten Rat Parish where he and the Chairperson of the Förderverein also addressed the people present. Then for about 30 minutes, most of the members went on foot to Allerheiligen Parish where the Förderverein Meeting took place. The Director narrated the developments in the school especially thanked the members for support for teachers. He also asked them to explore more ways for support of the school. The members showed satisfaction in the school especially for the near-completion of the Examination Block. Members present promised to do their best to find support for the School.

Förderverein St.Konrad Integrated Vocational School - Uganda

Förderverein St.Konrad Integrated Vocational School – Uganda

The July Fördeverein Meeting in Ottnang 2015

On the 7th day of July, the Director St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School participated in the General Meeting of the Förderverein St. Konrad College Bebaase/Uganda which took place in Ottnang. The Director in his presentation thanked the Members of the Förderverein for the Support in the development of the School, especially in contributing and soliciting funds for the construction of the Examination block.

Förderverein Members

Förderverein Members

The Director also indicated the difficulties the school is still facing such as supply of water to the school, lack of transport means for the school especially for the sick, the construction of the Workshops, and the provision of tools both in workshops and computer lab and library. The Meeting was happy with the report and will endeavor to continue looking out for ways to support the school. In the Meeting, the Förderverein Leadership was reelected and confirmed.